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Agreed Standards
Order a pre-determined investment performance.

There are two minimum standards that govern our off-plan reservations; a minimum 7% net yield and a minimum 15% return on investment per property. Those are the two simple criteria that ensure we deliver properties that perform to the agreed level. These are then supported by a 2 year guaranteed rent and a geographical proximity to the target market.

• 7% net yield per property after all costs and fees.
• 15% plus ROI (return on investment) with mortgaged purchases.
• 2 years guaranteed rent at 7% per annum.
• 20 minutes walk from the target rental markets (Universities and Hospitals).

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How To Start
No reservation deposit required.

If you would like to reserve a property with Adavo the first step is to arrange a meeting. We can come to you or alternatively you are invited to visit some of our properties to get a better feel for the standard of craftsmanship. During the meeing we will establish what your preferences are. We will discuss and agree your criteria including your price limit, cash/mortgage, area, size and yield. Once agreed, we will sign a reservation form which includes all these details.

We do not require a reservation deposit to reserve a property. This is a gesture of good faith to make the investment process as risk free as possible for our clients. In consideration of this feature we will need to see proof of funds from a solicitor before we proceed. This will require the appointment of a solicitor to act for you in the purchase of your new property. It also helps to speed up the buying process by completing the necessary money laundering checks at first instance.

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Sign-Off on Delivery
Investor has the final say on all properties delivered.

Adavo Property delivers our off-plan reservations within 3 months. You will be presented with potential properties before work begins and we will deliver to your order. You can reserve multiple properties and a portfolio of 4 or 5 properties can be delivered either one-by-one over time or side-by-side within the same 3 month timescale.

We deliver property to the agreed levels of expenditure and yield. You will be invited to visit each property upon delivery to sign-off on your new high yield asset. Any snags are picked up before purchase completion and your guaranteed return starts immediately upon sign off.

Reserve today to benefit from Adavo's complete service with every aspect of the investment catered for by design.

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